A few handy and easy-to-follow tips

...to help make your GrapevineQR effort the best it can be!


QR Code scanning increased 316% between Jan-Dec of 2011 and it continues to skyrocket.   People are using their smartphones to buy things, download apps, window shop, make donations, cast votes, entry contests and so much more.  A GrapevineQR Code adds data collection, Facebook LIKES and viral campaign launching to these opportunities. 



a common denomination amount (example: $2 per scan) and distribute your GrapevineQR Viral ™ ad and code to everyone in your database, on your website and in fund raising direct mail, advertising and collateral.

It makes giving easier than ever and every scan instantly and automatically becomes a new ad placed on Facebook Walls everywhere! (Not to mention all the new emails added to your database).



Spring Break, Jazz Fests, Big Game Weekends, Conventions, Concerts... the list goes on and on.


A GrapevineQR Viral ™ campaign not only helps sell tickets... it’s a super viral campaign tool.

 Each time the code you capture email address... your event Facebook Likes pile up... and your message is posted on Facebook Walls of persons likely to have an above average interest in your event!


easier way to enter a contest or sweepstakes than with a smartphone scan? We don’t think so.

Making it easier for others means more participation.

And, with GrapevineQR Viral ™ more participation means more email addresses captured... more Facebook Likes for you and more times your message and GrapevineQR Viral ™ ad and code is posted on more Facebook Walls!